Where does the time go?

So I wish I could say that I have been very productive or adventurous during my time away from this blog.  But the truth is that I have been doing some major self reflection. While that sounds like a good zen like cleansing method, for me it becomes self destructive and leaves me extremely depressed.  … Continue reading Where does the time go?


October Art Journal Pages

Yeah, I didn't get far with inktober.  I just cannot commit to any daily challenge right now.  It becomes too taxing for me.  Maybe in several months, my time will free up.  In any event, here's the few pages I did in October.  I am having a sticker and washi tape love fest lately.  I … Continue reading October Art Journal Pages

Are you fashionably late?

While getting dressed today, I pulled out these tall ruffle cuffed socks that I got on clearance about 3 years ago.  I never wore them because I cannot wear tall boots.  My calves are always too big for the current styles.  But I did finally find a pair of short boots this season that didn't … Continue reading Are you fashionably late?