Week 2 of Daily Lettering Challenge

This is exhausting but it is pushing me to doing my drills or at least practicing every day.  The tapering off has begun.  My Instagram frustration is growing too.  I am grateful to have so many talented people showcase their work.  But, I am experiencing an overflow of information.  I want to try out so … Continue reading Week 2 of Daily Lettering Challenge


A seed grows…

Last month, a youtuber I follow suggested to start using or give away your forgotten about art craft supplies.  The message of renewal and excess has stayed with me.  I reflected on how large my pen supply has grown in only a short time. Another youtuber I stumbled across did a journal look book and … Continue reading A seed grows…

Daily Lettering Challenge!

I joined Instagram when I got my new mobile phone.  I never used the app before but I wanted to discover what the fuss is all about.  I follow several people that do hand lettering and a couple of artists.  Basically, follow talent that I lack aspire to be. I seem to always miss out … Continue reading Daily Lettering Challenge!

October Bullet Journal

September recap: When I was on stay-cation at the end of August, I tracked my week long expenditures.  I liked it so I continued that in September as an afterthought.  The spread didn't make it into my September journal posting. Originally, I thought the mono color was going to be boring but it turned out … Continue reading October Bullet Journal