Zentangle Challenge Week One

It's on like Donkey Kong 😛  My drawings are more like doodles than tangles, but that is how I like to draw.  I start off with an idea but let it grow organically when I begin to draw.  So the end result tends to differ but this is for fun and I am not rigidly … Continue reading Zentangle Challenge Week One


Aurelio Voltaire

Oh my Goth! 😛   That is exactly how this talented person came into my world.  Confused yet?   One day way back when, I came across a comic forum sales thread entitled, "Uncommon Scarce Rare Low Print Runs Indy Independent Oddball Weirdo Alternative".  How could I resist poking around in there and that is when I … Continue reading Aurelio Voltaire

Black Friday…I am not ready :(

Well, Black Friday is a few days away.  I don't know about the rest of the shoppers out there but I may be sticking this one out.  I actually did a mini-bulk of my shopping on line last week.  That is a first for me.  I usually never purchase anything before Thanksgiving.  I think that … Continue reading Black Friday…I am not ready 😦