Zebra Mildliners

After finalizing my brush pens on Amazon order, these markers popped up on screen.  It was instant desire.  They are so sleek and pretty.  I order them along with my ghost grid journal.  I held back on posting since I didn't have my bullet journal post done or even my journal prepared.  But I could … Continue reading Zebra Mildliners


In the name of the Moon…

Woke up way too early today with no game to waste some time on.  I had envisioned this yesterday and had to get it out of my head.  I messed up inking the M in Moon and it made the letter placement off but overall happy with it. There was bleed through and heavy ghosting … Continue reading In the name of the Moon…

1,300 days of Puzzle and Dragons!

So long for me to do anything, let alone play a game.  I installed the game when DC Entertainment announced a collaboration with Puzzle and Dragons.  I have seen this game in the app store before but was new to the smart phone mobile game world.  Now that it was tied to Batman, I must … Continue reading 1,300 days of Puzzle and Dragons!