♥ B-Day Haul ♥ New Coloring Book ♥

I did a birthday haul for myself this month.  I have a long list of comic collected editions that I want.  DC and Dark Horse aren’t making it easier to scale down the list when they keep collecting older material. 

I am much excited for this new Complete Emily the Strange HC collection.  Look at that spine.  It collects all three original trade paperback volumes in one nicely bound HC book.  It is a bit smaller than a traditional trade and I guess that is how Dark Horse kept the price down.


On the DC side, I needed World’s Finest Silver Age vol 1.  I flipped through a copy at my local Barnes and Noble weeks ago and was immediately intoxicated.  I hope DC will collect this series up to the Dollar issues.

Crisis on Multiple Earths vol 6 finishes off my collected editions of Helena Wayne.  And of course, I need to finish Supergirl.  Not sure why vol 2 was so expensive though.


Now on to the coloring book.  It was on sale at Barnes and Noble and I just could not resist it.  I was thinking of doing a 30 day coloring book challenge but I have something else planned for August.


So cute Each image is on its own page which makes me so happy.  The binding though is very tight so scanning them may be hard.  The book doesn’t have tear out pages.  So sad about that.

Here’s two interior shots which are too cute for words.  I think there is a unicorn on every page.  🙂   I really wish I purchased a back up but I am going to maybe (never) coloring this.



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