August Bullet Journal Layout

Guess what National holiday lands in August?  Give up?  Duran Duran Appreciation day is August 10th!  What a better way to celebrate my favorite childhood band than to do a Duran Duran themed layout.

I am not an artist.  This is only my second full month layout.  I made lots of errors.  Yep.  I used that white gel pen often.  But I was very excited to attempt this theme.  It is a bit crazy but heck I needed to have some fun.   I can say, next month will be back to a very simple layout.

The layouts aren’t fully completed because I wanted to have things to fill in as the month progresses.   This will be a very slow month so I did a one page layout for each weekly spread.  I am not sure if this will work but am interested to see how it does.

This cover page will be colored and every three days, I will plan to do a Duran Duran related doodle in the large triangle sectioned.  Most likely that doodle will be text based, either lyric or song title.  The bottom section, I will jot down important dates for the month.   This was the page I really messed up on.  I will do a separate post on it in a few days.

Each journal page has the inspired Duran Duran album to the left.  I included a slideshow at the end since the tiled pictures make the journal page hard to see any detail.

Entertainment: This is just a free formed list of Movies/TV on DVD and Books, watched and read for the month.  Last month, I added a Wish list at the bottom of the page.  I will do the same once I get a handle on how much space I need for my entertainment.

Mood/Habit Tracker: I decided to go vertical for my tracker.  I dropped the Moon phases and opted to track the temperature along side my mood.   I probably will do a grid in the background with some symbols later on.  This page could use a bit more decorating.

Two Lines a Day page.  I took this idea from another bujo and I think I will like using this page as most of my entries last month were basically little quick notes of my day.  Yes there is another page with the rest of the days, I just didn’t post a picture of it.

Week 1: I did this when I just woke up and got frustrated on how badly I messed this page up.  So the second set of boxes is really sloppy.  I fixed what I can and will have to live with it.

I am going to try and curb my cursing habit.  It has gotten really bad lately.  I left the space open because I am not sure how I am going to track it.  I think I am going to do daily tick marks for each time I curse.  This way at the end of the week, I can have a benchmark.  I think I will track it on my phone and enter it at night.  I should be challenging and I am hoping this works.

Week 2:  I left the bottom open because I am not sure how my one weekly tracker will work.

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Slideshow of the full August Layout.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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