September Bullet Journal Spread

I had such grand thoughts about doing a kawaii inspired month.  I even drew out test layouts two weeks ago.  I didn't have it in me to do it this month. Going through the colors in my mind and green jumped out.  Ok, green it is.  I have a ton of green markers for some … Continue reading September Bullet Journal Spread


End of the month journal reflection

I have been bullet journaling for 2+ months now.  I feel like the system overall is working for me but I am not using it to the fullest either.  I don't want to make journaling an insane requirement so I am doing only little additions here and there. What worked for me this month: The … Continue reading End of the month journal reflection

World’s Finest

One of my favorite comics is World's Finest. I love Superman and Batman together.  I look forward to seeing how their abilities compliment one another.  Their witty to corny banter is a delight.  Their unlikely relationship is something to treasure. I am in love with the World's Finest Golden Age covers.   I found a Gerber … Continue reading World’s Finest