Bullet Journal Errors and Fixes

Things I have learned.

  1. Wipe off your ruler every time you use it to create a line with a marker.  I now understand why my hands are an inky mess.  I was dumbfound when my grey marker was creating blue lines.  Then I realized, I did blue lines the night before.  I think it depends on the ruler you use.  My better ruler didn’t do this last month.  I choose to use a smaller rule as I had a lot of little details to add.
  2. Focus at the task at hand.  Don’t let your mind wonder or you will end up with a mis-placed line:AugError copy
  3. Great fix for mis-placed lines are either white out or I just use the UniBall white pen.  You can even see the mess I made with the gray marker on the right hand-side.  Apparently I keep forgetting to stop.
    Aug Error Fixed
  4. When you think a design is simple and you can wing it, don’t.  My first weekly page ended up very messy and uneven.  I, again, fixed it with my Uni-Ball pen.  But it is still more messy than I would have liked.
  5. My stencil I created to draw the circles is faulty.  When I was testing out the stencil before posting, I noticed that some of the lines where thicker.  I chalked it up to the pen being old.  But it wasn’t the pen at all but the fact that the ink wasn’t completely dry and my punch marks in the stencil are not that clean.  So it will create drag marks.  Bummer.  I did purchase Micron pens since Michael’s had them on sale.  I am not sure if that will make a difference.  You can see the above picture between 20 and 17 the drag line.  That was when it became clear to me what was happening and oops, I drew the full line through the circle 🙂
  6. My little boxes I created for my weeklies will never work.  It is ok for this month as I have nothing planned.  But I will have to re-think ever doing to a 1 day page spread layout.  I think next month, I am eliminating the days and moving towards a week of page with just random list with accomplishments.  I mentioned that back in June but I really like how the weekly spreads look.  So I need to think of a weekly spread now.
  7. The biggest lesson, don’t stress it!  That isn’t the point of the journal.  Being creative and thinking out side of the box is.  Mistakes are just ways of learning.  Enjoy.

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