Brush lettering development

Way too long ago (June 22), I posted that I was going to give myself a few more weeks of practicing brush lettering to see if I could even do it.  Well that didn’t go well but my desire remained strong.  I admit that every time I did pick up the pen to use it, I did see some improvement but I still struggled getting a steady flowing line.  I took out several books from the library and strung together YouTube videos but nothing really clicked.  Basically, I gave up without finding a definite path to follow.

Then one day last weekend, I was watching some YouTube videos and I came across this channel.  It changed everything for me.  Watching this video, reignited my spirits as I finally had a focus on what to do for my first steps.  I played around that day and I was able to do solid upward and downward strokes.  She has free drill sheets on her blog too which are linked in each video’s description box.

Here’s how my week progressed:

  • Monday – I purchased a graph ruled composition book from Staples for a $1 to use for my drills and practice.
  • Tuesday – First of the month and started my drills.  You can see it is slideshow below, the letters are wonky but this was the first time I could consistently control that thin upward stroke.  I wasn’t concerned about the letter shapes.  My first O line is terrible but I was excited to try a new movement with my new found skill.
  • Wednesday – The line spacing I used on the first day was a bit large.  I changed it to two box worth spacing for the letter height.  I am only doing drills right now so I am not being overly concerned with shapes, sizing or slanting, just learning how to use the pen this week.
  • Thursday – I did my drills during my lunch hour at work.  I got bored and wanted to try different letters.  I forgot how the B is formed 😛  After a quick reference review, I was up and running to form some of the worst looking B’s.
  • Friday –  My shorten lunch hour, resulted in a rushed and frustrated set of drills.  I only completed half a page that day and they were not that great.  But I still can see a difference just over the first few days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next week will start off doing actual letters correctly.   After doing this for a week, I think I will do one letter or two letters a day and start off by first doing a practice row of upward and downward and Os to start off each day.  But it will be fun to see how I progress using actual worksheets.

This is the book I purchased at Staples.  They retail for about $3.00 and with the Back to School sales, I purchased it for $1.00.  I went back and got a couple more.



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