Final Week of Daily Lettering Challenge

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I am so happy this is done.  Doing this every day was a bit difficult.   I am thrilled with the results but I will not be doing another daily challenge in November.  I may do the lettering challenge once or twice a week and play catch up.   I am not sure yet.  I … Continue reading Final Week of Daily Lettering Challenge


Started an Art Journal

I picked up a Strathmore mix media pad at Joanne's last week.  The link is for a bigger size pad, mine is 8.5 x 5.5.  With a special 60% off coupon, I paid $4.50 for it.  You can even design your own cover. This weekend, I picked up some Halloween art supplies at Michael's at … Continue reading Started an Art Journal

Week 3 of Daily Lettering Challenge

Wow, this is a long month.  This daily challenge designates my first real attempts at forming words in brush lettering.  Do I dare say, they turned out fine and sometimes quite nice.  Not everything single day was high polished but the foundation is there.  I do need to practice upper case letters.  But time is … Continue reading Week 3 of Daily Lettering Challenge

November Bullet Journal Spread

It's that time again.  This month, I found myself moving more away from my Journal.  I am actually surprised that I have kept it up this far as I never kept a diary growing up or any type of journal later on in life. So, I am going to simplify it even further.  I decided … Continue reading November Bullet Journal Spread

Week 2 of Daily Lettering Challenge

This is exhausting but it is pushing me to doing my drills or at least practicing every day.  The tapering off has begun.  My Instagram frustration is growing too.  I am grateful to have so many talented people showcase their work.  But, I am experiencing an overflow of information.  I want to try out so … Continue reading Week 2 of Daily Lettering Challenge