When DIY projects go bad.

Randomly, I found this neat DIY charging station picture one day.

DIY Charging Station

I thought wow, I could do something like this for those ugly cable wire. I put it on the back burner for months. Then, shopping at Staples during back to school this year, I found the silver bookplates I needed. Project on!

A quick run to Michael’s and I had a shoe box in hand. A few days later, I was tackling the project. I modified the design to deal with thick cable wires that don’t have two end point access.  I cut a large space in the back of the box with a slit at the top to feed those excessive large wires. Basically, the cable wires are just resting inside the box which hopefully will make dusting much easier.

Next, I put two bookplates on one side and one on the side closer to the CPU. The idea was to have the box on the floor and feed all the computer wires through the bookplate holes to the CPU.  Beware that the bookplates aren’t wide enough to accommodate most computer wires.   I forced one through which isn’t recommended.

Before I started, I washed everything down to get rid of all that dust. Rearranged the two shelves.  In my haste, I accidentally blew out my monitor while cleaning as I didn’t take care to make sure the surge protector was completely dry before plugging things back in.

So a quick run to Best Buy with only 20 minutes left before closing time, I came away with a new monitor and extension cable.  However the extension cable was too long so I purchased a shorter one on Amazon.

A few weeks later and I returned to finish the project.  It definitely looks better and I am hoping that it will make it easier to dust.  The monitor wire is just resting under the box.  I should of fed it through the back of the box like the cable wires but I am lazy.  The grey wire in the after picture is my keyboard wire.  It is too short to go through the box without tugging the wire down.

Here’s the before and after pictures.

As you can see the shoe box is on its side vs laying flat. I had issues getting it to lay flat initially. I forgot why and didn’t attempt it now. I will wait until I do my next cleaning to make adjustments if needed.

Overall, it does look neater but there are still so many wires showing that it is disappointing. The best thing was discovering a monitor extension wire.  That is awesome as I normally have issues moving out the CPU cart for cleaning.



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