Daily Lettering Challenge!

I joined Instagram when I got my new mobile phone.  I never used the app before but I wanted to discover what the fuss is all about.  I follow several people that do hand lettering and a couple of artists.  Basically, follow talent that I lack aspire to be.

I seem to always miss out on issue monthly challenges or the timing isn’t right for me.  I stumbled upon a small group that goes under the hashtag #HappyLetteringChallenge.

I missed the first day but have been doing the one work every day since.  Originally, I thought this would be too time consuming.  But I need something to push me further into my brush lettering practice.  Time wise I am using my under 5 minute rule, no pencil drawing, just go in straight with a marker.  Deal with whatever happens.  Things will happen.  I will deal.

Because this is lettering and I want to practice, I am doing the word over a few times.  I can post my iterations, if anyone wants to see them.  The challenge is in my drill book so no fancy paper.  It will provide a nice history of my progress.

Let’s get too it.  Overall, I am stoked at the results.  I am trying out new ideas that I have seen on Instagram, youtube or pinterest.

Monday 2nd:

I got fancy with this one and had to add a little Grim Reaper.   I outlined the words as an afterthought and should have fixed the red color.

Tuesday 3rd:

I did a few brush letter ones but kept messing it up.  I stuck with a standby bubble letter.  I cannot color.

Wednesday 4th:

Ironically this is something I have planned for my November theme.  Glad to test it out here.  I think it works.

Thursday 5th:

Mistakes and all, this one is my favorite.  I came to me instantly and I did it only once. No I didn’t want serif I just went too far on the H.

Friday 6th:

This is gimmicky.  I should have swapped places with the O as it reads to me like broostick to me.  Oops.

Saturday 7th:

I am terrible at this outlining/shadow.  I need to practice which line gets shadowed.  I cannot visualize it so it is difficult for me.

Sunday 8th:

Back to some brush lettering.  I did that white space in the middle of the letter and filled it with my super glittery pens.  I love how this looks.  Surprised how easy the double line was to do as well.

Monday 9th:

This font is so stolen from Buffy.  I have one of her books to read on my desk.  Used the lettering from the binding.

That’s it.  I will post my other lettering examples next week.  So far this has been a lot of fun.  It has made me feel more creative.  I hasn’t been too taxing time wise so I will keep it up.  I definitely will state that my creativity/ambition will fall off by the end of the month.





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