Week 2 of Daily Lettering Challenge

This is exhausting but it is pushing me to doing my drills or at least practicing every day.  The tapering off has begun.  My Instagram frustration is growing too.  I am grateful to have so many talented people showcase their work.  But, I am experiencing an overflow of information.  I want to try out so many techniques and am getting overwhelmed.

Tuesday 10th:

I will cringe at this one day.  I wanted to do an exaggerated T and K.  I also had to use the hard Fuke pen which I am not as practiced on.

Wednesday 11th:

Against my better judgement, I got the Tombow Dual Brush pens.   They are way too advance for me.  I cannot control them.  I will try to practice with them but I find them too soft and floppy.

Thursday 12:

So faked that uppercase M.  I hated the way this came out.  I started working on uppercases this weekend after this mess.

Friday 13:

Yea, I mentioned that I was tapering off this week.  Ouch.

Saturday 14th:

Stupid double L. stupid double upper cases.  This proved much harder than I thought.

Sunday 15th:

My first attempt at bouncing the letters.  I coped out on doing an uppercase T.   I am terrible. 😛

I am having a tough two days so my spirits are down.  It is hard for me to create and stay positive on these type of days.  I try my best though.  I will continue to complete this lettering challenge but next month is another story.  I think I look for something that is less taxing or just do it every other day.



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