The Cat was a rainbow in a dark world…

Just finished reading Strays: A Lost Cat, a Homeless Man, and Their Journey Across America by Britt Collins.  What a great book.  I highly recommend it.

A quote from the book became my next page in my art journal.  I took a piece of paper to use for the lettering.  I used gray and black watercolors.  Then, with a paper towel gently blotted the excess to create texture.  Went back over the edges with black watercolor paint to darken them.

Watercolored sheet for lettering

Started off with a freshly gesso page.  Two weeks ago, I dogeared a picture of a model leaning against a metal column from an El train.  Came in handy.  I cut out the metal column and then cut that in half to use on both sides.  I rushed to glue down the columns and I forgot that I hadn’t painted the page with color.  I get sweep up in an idea sometimes.  So, the background paint isn’t as gritty as I would have liked because I had to be careful not to get paint on the pictures.

Finished Background

Next up was the lettering which posed a challenge because I could not pencil it first as the watercolor would rub off.  So I free handed it after practicing a little.  I probably wrote it too small but I still think it works.  I used a cat silhouette picture from the internet and there you have it:


I didn’t quote the source which is bothersome for me.  It was from Michael.

As I am typing this up, I spied the cheap mesh tape I purchased from Lowe’s to use on this page.   Oops, I had an idea in my head by didn’t execute it properly.   I like the way it turned out anyway.

Usually what happens is something sparks an idea.  From there, I don’t really think too much when I start pulling out the paints.  I just want to free flow it and see what it becomes.   Looking at the picture now, there is so much more that I could have done to push the envelop.  Oh well.  I kind of like over-simplified.



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