New Whimsical Girl Technique

After watching a YouTube video, I did this page as a play along.   She gessoed the girl after drawing in the face.  So I followed that path as well.  I did lose the lines a bit here and there but penciled in again to mark my way.  I ended up outlining the eyes in marker but wish I hadn’t.  So I traced over it again in pencil.  My eyes aren’t getting that soulful look that I desire.

Started off with this pretty eBay tissue paper.  It is just simple green dots with the words eBay on it.  I just tore off pieces and used matte medium to hold them down.  In the white areas, I spread some green paint that matches the green dots.  Then, basically dry brushed larger areas over the entire page, leaving white areas along the way.   I stenciled pink flowers over the page.  I have been itching to use this stencil too.

I, then drew the girl in pencil.  This time, I used a real drawing pencil.  I used a 3B because I had the box handy.   I mixed the skin colors using purple, yellow and vanilla paint.  One day I will get skin tone colors.  Mixing is fine but the paint dries so quickly that if you have any touch ups later on, it is impossible to do.  I forgot to do a neck and yep, impossible.

For the hair, I used a Winsor & Newton watercolor marker in gray and quickly smudged the lines with my fingers.  I wanted to matte medium the page first but forgot about doing that until after I did my first line.  It would have made the marker able to smudge more.  I loved the way it turned out.  With the tissue paper underneath, the color feathered and looks airbrushed a bit.

Here’s the video:

Here’s my picture:


It is fun to see the both pictures side by side.  I can see my style in the picture.  I really want to work on getting my eyes to be more expressive.  This looks a lot nicer than my other girls I have drawn but overall all my eyes look a bit wooden.  I would like to work on drawing eyes next year.  That and shading.  I have no idea where to add shading or the proper colors to use.

I stumbled across this video today and found it very inspirational.  I am going to play with using pencils more over markers.  It is funny but I never was a big marker user until I started doing my bullet journal.

This page feels complete to me.  But there is definitely room to add some saying or lyrics, if I am inclined to so later on.



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