To the right..(3rd week of faces)

Up front warning, these are bad.  I can see myself getting more frustrated with these sketches as the week progressed.  The final day one so bad, it makes the first one look fantastic.  I definitely have a lot of practicing to do with 3/4 face portraits. Honestly, I will probably stay with full face views … Continue reading To the right..(3rd week of faces)


Second Week of Drawing Faces

I was good and stuck with doing my 10 minute sketch every day this week.  I attempted to draw the faces at a slightly different angle.  I struggled a lot.  I had to draw guidelines to keep the eyes more off center.   I also fussed with these more than I did with the full front … Continue reading Second Week of Drawing Faces

June and July Art Journal Pages

I must admit that I haven't been the most creative these days.  I have been so stressed and busy in recent months that I need time to decompress and escape from the world a bit.  That is my cycle and until I can deal with my current surroundings better, I become stifled and trapped within … Continue reading June and July Art Journal Pages

Working on faces and sucking…

  There was a point in my life that I felt like I could draw.  It most certainly isn't now.  I have been working a little on drawing faces again.  I say only a little because I am getting so frustrated with myself. I took out Jane Davenport's Beautiful Faces book from the library.  I … Continue reading Working on faces and sucking…