Cheap art supplies vs quality ones

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I have advocated on my blog to purchase cheaper items.  After several months of using the cheap supplies, I finally get why more quality supplies are suggested. This becomes a slippery slope though.  Who wants to shell out money for a product that … Continue reading Cheap art supplies vs quality ones


February Bullet Journal Layout

I am continuing with the same layout as I enjoy the simplistic style.  I added a tracker this time as I wanted to do this heart shape but could never work it into my theme.   But now it is February.  Gotcha. This is taking the place of a first page calendar since I am trying to … Continue reading February Bullet Journal Layout

December Bullet Journal Layout

I did next month's layout a little early because of the holiday.  This is a simple neat clean design and not too many pages. I picked up this three pack of gel pens at Target this weekend from the $1 bins.  I didn't expect too much from them but they matched my Star Washi tape … Continue reading December Bullet Journal Layout