New Teen Titans Legion of Collectors box

One of my first post on this blog was about an upcoming Funko's Legion of Collector's box.  I regretted never purchasing the box and quickly lost interest tracking the subscription box's releases. Over the weekend, I happened to do a quick eBay search for Nightwing and I was speechless...  I found a Disco Nightwing Pop!  … Continue reading New Teen Titans Legion of Collectors box


Happy Batman Day!

I love this day.  Retailers have sales, well mostly comic retailers have sales!  DC is combining today with the 25th Anniversary of Harley Quinn but don't let that stop you from getting your bat on today!  Here's DC Comic's official post that list retail outlets hosting sale events. Let your inner child out today … Continue reading Happy Batman Day!

World’s Finest

One of my favorite comics is World's Finest. I love Superman and Batman together.  I look forward to seeing how their abilities compliment one another.  Their witty to corny banter is a delight.  Their unlikely relationship is something to treasure. I am in love with the World's Finest Golden Age covers.   I found a Gerber … Continue reading World’s Finest

♥ B-Day Haul ♥ New Coloring Book ♥

I did a birthday haul for myself this month.  I have a long list of comic collected editions that I want.  DC and Dark Horse aren't making it easier to scale down the list when they keep collecting older material.  I am much excited for this new Complete Emily the Strange HC collection.  Look at … Continue reading ♥ B-Day Haul ♥ New Coloring Book ♥