♥ B-Day Haul ♥ New Coloring Book ♥

I did a birthday haul for myself this month.  I have a long list of comic collected editions that I want.  DC and Dark Horse aren't making it easier to scale down the list when they keep collecting older material.  I am much excited for this new Complete Emily the Strange HC collection.  Look at … Continue reading ♥ B-Day Haul ♥ New Coloring Book ♥

Aurelio Voltaire

Oh my Goth! 😛   That is exactly how this talented person came into my world.  Confused yet?   One day way back when, I came across a comic forum sales thread entitled, "Uncommon Scarce Rare Low Print Runs Indy Independent Oddball Weirdo Alternative".  How could I resist poking around in there and that is when I … Continue reading Aurelio Voltaire

Legion of Collectors

Just came across a youtube video with the unboxing for Legion of Collectors Women of DC comics.  I love DC comics.  I am sad that I missed out but, wait...A quick google results later and Batman Villains is the next book!  Sweet.  Maybe they will have my favorite Catwoman or Poison Ivy.  A girl can … Continue reading Legion of Collectors