Happy Father’s Day

I lost my Dad nearly 24 years ago. I miss him when I need that sound advise only he could dole out. I miss him and his sarcastic playful humor that would embarrass and made you laugh all in one sweeping motion. I miss him and those passionate debates we used to have whether it … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day


How do you measure your life?

Mine fits neatly in a box.  Well, not entirely neatly.  😛   It is a new year and I guess turning my half-life in 2016 made me want to examine my life and take a trip down the rabbit hole... Ironic isn't it?  Now, you may ask which pill did I choose?  Not telling!  Of course, … Continue reading How do you measure your life?

Legendary Life

I pick up a free magazine from the supermarket whenever it is available for my Mom.  It is holistic, ad-driven publication that most people probably just pass by without a secondary glance. I usually do too and yesterday I found myself flipping through it.  I came across this article by Chad E Cooper that resonated … Continue reading Legendary Life

Black Friday…I am not ready :(

Well, Black Friday is a few days away.  I don't know about the rest of the shoppers out there but I may be sticking this one out.  I actually did a mini-bulk of my shopping on line last week.  That is a first for me.  I usually never purchase anything before Thanksgiving.  I think that … Continue reading Black Friday…I am not ready 😦