A seed grows…

Last month, a youtuber I follow suggested to start using or give away your forgotten about art craft supplies.  The message of renewal and excess has stayed with me.  I reflected on how large my pen supply has grown in only a short time. Another youtuber I stumbled across did a journal look book and … Continue reading A seed grows…


Legendary Life

I pick up a free magazine from the supermarket whenever it is available for my Mom.  It is holistic, ad-driven publication that most people probably just pass by without a secondary glance. I usually do too and yesterday I found myself flipping through it.  I came across this article by Chad E Cooper that resonated … Continue reading Legendary Life

Halloween fun!

30 days later... I picked up this Halloween nail art package in Walgreens last month.  I have hording tendencies and would normally keep these new in the package forever.  But those reapers are just too cute!  When I opened the package, it revealed those cute skull hearts too! This type of nail sticker is new … Continue reading Halloween fun!