Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul

Working 9-6, leaves little time to find those after seasonal holiday bargains.   This year, Michael's and Joann's were slim pickings.  I think that is because they both gave great discounts throughout the season.  Since I had to go to Walmart today, I hit it up and Target which is across the street.  Convenient.  Everything was … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul


Discovering progress…

Happy Valentine's Day!  While shopping for some Valentine's Day gifts, I happened across these gift bags with a large white heart.  I thought they were perfect to write person's name across the heart. I wish I had more confidence and wrote directly on the bag but I don't right now.  I am still fairly new … Continue reading Discovering progress…

New Pens – Part 4 (Ecoline Brush Pens)

If you read part 1 of New Pens, I talked about getting Stabilo fine line pens.  I love these pens but I don't have many brush pens that are light enough to use the fine line pens on. I have a handful of Winsor and Newton brush pens that I use when I want to … Continue reading New Pens – Part 4 (Ecoline Brush Pens)

New Pens – Part 3 (Kelly Creates)

I am not sure if I ever linked out one of Kelly Creates videos when I was learning brush letter but I did view several of her videos then.  I felt like her videos were just a vehicle to purchase her worksheets which I can understand.  Anyway, she created a line of journaling supplies which … Continue reading New Pens – Part 3 (Kelly Creates)

New Pens – Part 2 (White Gelly Roll)

I mention in Part 1 of my New Pens post that I picked up a white Gelly Roll pen at Michael's.  They sell them individually for $2 which is expensive but I wanted to try it without waiting for shipping or buying a full pack of pens. The Gelly Roll white pen is fantastic!  I … Continue reading New Pens – Part 2 (White Gelly Roll)