August Bullet Journal Layout

Guess what National holiday lands in August?  Give up?  Duran Duran Appreciation day is August 10th!  What a better way to celebrate my favorite childhood band than to do a Duran Duran themed layout. I am not an artist.  This is only my second full month layout.  I made lots of errors.  Yep.  I used … Continue reading August Bullet Journal Layout

Uni Ball Signo Gel Ink Pens

I wish sometimes I was above the influence.  I needed a white marker solution and found that Uni-Ball white gel pen was recommended.  I am not a big fan of gel pens but if it works, I will give it a try.  I opted for the gold, silver and white value set from Amazon for … Continue reading Uni Ball Signo Gel Ink Pens

DIY Stencil Wheel continued…

Today I made the stencil with the tick to mark out 30 days.  I was playing around with this last week and it took a while to mark the ticks down and I thought a stencil would make this task much easier.  I did watch a youtube video to get the measurements correctly for a … Continue reading DIY Stencil Wheel continued…

DIY Stencil Wheel for Bullet Journal

My first wheel encounter was a mood tracker that I simplified for my journal last month.  When, planning out my August layout and kept seeing these wonderful wheel trackers.  How to do them?  I did several searches and nothing really explained it nor could I find any one selling stencils to do this. I proceeded … Continue reading DIY Stencil Wheel for Bullet Journal

Zebra Mildliners

After finalizing my brush pens on Amazon order, these markers popped up on screen.  It was instant desire.  They are so sleek and pretty.  I order them along with my ghost grid journal.  I held back on posting since I didn't have my bullet journal post done or even my journal prepared.  But I could … Continue reading Zebra Mildliners