New Art Journal, of sorts…

I picked up this coloring book at my local dollar store several weeks ago.  I know, I rarely color anymore myself too.  However, I just cannot stop picking up cheap coloring books.  This particular one appealed to me because it only had an image on one page.  So you can use markers or anything without … Continue reading New Art Journal, of sorts…


Pushing the envelope…Hello

My infatuation with Hello Kitty from childhood remains strong today a few decades later.  >..<  I am sad that I didn't feature the Kitty during my February heart challenge since she is usually surrounded by hearts. So, to make up for it, I did up a page in her honor.  I originally had something else … Continue reading Pushing the envelope…Hello

January Lettering Challenge results

So I have been diligently participating in the #happyletteringchallenge January lettering challenge.  This month I have been focusing on doing detailing like shadows and edging. I haven't been doing any daily single letter drills for months now.   I feel like my letter formation is sliding a little.  Using different pens is probably not a great … Continue reading January Lettering Challenge results