March 2018 Bullet Journal Layout

I am back with a minimalist layout for the upcoming month.  I originally was going to do a Black and White spread and then added color and a few flowers.  It looks very silly overall but maybe I can spruce it up when I am feeling more creative.  Here's the layout: First two pages were … Continue reading March 2018 Bullet Journal Layout


Reversing a stamped image using tissue paper

Last month, I found a video that used a stamped image on tissue paper.  I loved the way it came out and jotted down the idea.  This month, I used the idea and am fascinated by it.  White tissue paper should blend into the background without much trouble.  You can paint over it with a … Continue reading Reversing a stamped image using tissue paper

Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul

Working 9-6, leaves little time to find those after seasonal holiday bargains.   This year, Michael's and Joann's were slim pickings.  I think that is because they both gave great discounts throughout the season.  Since I had to go to Walmart today, I hit it up and Target which is across the street.  Convenient.  Everything was … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul

Discovering progress…

Happy Valentine's Day!  While shopping for some Valentine's Day gifts, I happened across these gift bags with a large white heart.  I thought they were perfect to write person's name across the heart. I wish I had more confidence and wrote directly on the bag but I don't right now.  I am still fairly new … Continue reading Discovering progress…

The good, the bad and the really ugly.

These are my January Art Journal pages.  There isn't anything great about them but provided me with joy while doing them.  That is my sole purpose of having this journal. In January, I decided to start using the back of the pages.  One day, I gesso all the backs so that I can just go … Continue reading The good, the bad and the really ugly.