Coloring book art journal

I am using this art journal to sort of document my time with my Mom.  The pages take so long to complete that it is slow going but I am trying out new things to me the process quicker. I found Apple Barrel acrylic paints at Walmart for .50¢ each.  You can actually add a … Continue reading Coloring book art journal


Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul

Working 9-6, leaves little time to find those after seasonal holiday bargains.   This year, Michael's and Joann's were slim pickings.  I think that is because they both gave great discounts throughout the season.  Since I had to go to Walmart today, I hit it up and Target which is across the street.  Convenient.  Everything was … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Clearance Sale Mini Haul

Cheap art supplies vs quality ones

I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I have advocated on my blog to purchase cheaper items.  After several months of using the cheap supplies, I finally get why more quality supplies are suggested. This becomes a slippery slope though.  Who wants to shell out money for a product that … Continue reading Cheap art supplies vs quality ones

New Pens – Part 2 (White Gelly Roll)

I mention in Part 1 of my New Pens post that I picked up a white Gelly Roll pen at Michael's.  They sell them individually for $2 which is expensive but I wanted to try it without waiting for shipping or buying a full pack of pens. The Gelly Roll white pen is fantastic!  I … Continue reading New Pens – Part 2 (White Gelly Roll)