Ever have one of those days?

Yep, it was that way for me today.  I wanted to try out this background technique from a YouTube video I watched today but am not in a great positive mood.  So I came up with this new art journal page, I hate people...Not really just for today. The background was created using a water … Continue reading Ever have one of those days?


New art journal page…

Last week, my Mom was discharged from the hospital and sent to a rehab facility.  They gave her a complimentary haircut on Friday.  The woman has been cutting her own hair for as long as I can remember.  Her last hair cut by a professional was in the late 80's and there were sideburns involved.  … Continue reading New art journal page…

Fixed page and new coloring book art journal page

My first page in the coloring book art journal was so terrible that I could not let it stay that way.  I didn't truly improve it that much either but now I am not afraid to cut and modify pages so much.   This is a process as I am not sure how well the paper … Continue reading Fixed page and new coloring book art journal page