Bullet Journal usefulness

As the new year is approaching, I am finding that my thoughts keep doing a year in review.  One of the things that have popped into my mind over the past two months is my Bullet Journal.  Is it working for me? To answer that question, I return to why I started bullet journaling in … Continue reading Bullet Journal usefulness


December Bullet Journal Layout

I did next month's layout a little early because of the holiday.  This is a simple neat clean design and not too many pages. I picked up this three pack of gel pens at Target this weekend from the $1 bins.  I didn't expect too much from them but they matched my Star Washi tape … Continue reading December Bullet Journal Layout

November Bullet Journal Spread

It's that time again.  This month, I found myself moving more away from my Journal.  I am actually surprised that I have kept it up this far as I never kept a diary growing up or any type of journal later on in life. So, I am going to simplify it even further.  I decided … Continue reading November Bullet Journal Spread

A seed grows…

Last month, a youtuber I follow suggested to start using or give away your forgotten about art craft supplies.  The message of renewal and excess has stayed with me.  I reflected on how large my pen supply has grown in only a short time. Another youtuber I stumbled across did a journal look book and … Continue reading A seed grows…

October Bullet Journal

September recap: When I was on stay-cation at the end of August, I tracked my week long expenditures.  I liked it so I continued that in September as an afterthought.  The spread didn't make it into my September journal posting. Originally, I thought the mono color was going to be boring but it turned out … Continue reading October Bullet Journal