A seed grows…

Last month, a youtuber I follow suggested to start using or give away your forgotten about art craft supplies.  The message of renewal and excess has stayed with me.  I reflected on how large my pen supply has grown in only a short time. Another youtuber I stumbled across did a journal look book and … Continue reading A seed grows…


October Bullet Journal

September recap: When I was on stay-cation at the end of August, I tracked my week long expenditures.  I liked it so I continued that in September as an afterthought.  The spread didn't make it into my September journal posting. Originally, I thought the mono color was going to be boring but it turned out … Continue reading October Bullet Journal

September Bullet Journal Spread

I had such grand thoughts about doing a kawaii inspired month.  I even drew out test layouts two weeks ago.  I didn't have it in me to do it this month. Going through the colors in my mind and green jumped out.  Ok, green it is.  I have a ton of green markers for some … Continue reading September Bullet Journal Spread

August Bullet Journal Layout

Guess what National holiday lands in August?  Give up?  Duran Duran Appreciation day is August 10th!  What a better way to celebrate my favorite childhood band than to do a Duran Duran themed layout. I am not an artist.  This is only my second full month layout.  I made lots of errors.  Yep.  I used … Continue reading August Bullet Journal Layout

Uni Ball Signo Gel Ink Pens

I wish sometimes I was above the influence.  I needed a white marker solution and found that Uni-Ball white gel pen was recommended.  I am not a big fan of gel pens but if it works, I will give it a try.  I opted for the gold, silver and white value set from Amazon for … Continue reading Uni Ball Signo Gel Ink Pens