When DIY projects go bad.

Randomly, I found this neat DIY charging station picture one day. I thought wow, I could do something like this for those ugly cable wire. I put it on the back burner for months. Then, shopping at Staples during back to school this year, I found the silver bookplates I needed. Project on! A quick … Continue reading When DIY projects go bad.


DIY Stencil Wheel continued…

Today I made the stencil with the tick to mark out 30 days.  I was playing around with this last week and it took a while to mark the ticks down and I thought a stencil would make this task much easier.  I did watch a youtube video to get the measurements correctly for a … Continue reading DIY Stencil Wheel continued…

DIY Stencil Wheel for Bullet Journal

My first wheel encounter was a mood tracker that I simplified for my journal last month.  When, planning out my August layout and kept seeing these wonderful wheel trackers.  How to do them?  I did several searches and nothing really explained it nor could I find any one selling stencils to do this. I proceeded … Continue reading DIY Stencil Wheel for Bullet Journal